True  Air Speed Training

PPL Ground School Training for Pilots at Retford, Gamston Airport

True  Air Speed Training 

Radio Telephony Practical test

 We can provide training and testing for the CAA Radiotelephony Licence. Training will be conducted at Gamston for the CAA RT Practical test by Tim Darby a Boeing 737 Captain.

Tim DarbyAllow 3 hours for all Briefings, "Flying" the route and De-briefing.  All
testing is conducted using modern computer-based routes on the RANT System developed by Oddsoft Ltd

Reference material is CAP 413,

Candidates should study CAP 413 as the test is based on the Standard
Phraseology contained in it.

Candidates are advised to organise a training session either with ourselves
or their own school to ensure no points have been misunderstood and it is
unlikely a pass will be achieved without some form of formal study.

Ground to Air Radio Operators licence training and testing.


We can now offer training complete with the written and practical radiotelephony examinations required for an AGCS Radio Operator's Certificate. The AGCS Radio Operator's Certificate is required to be held by those persons who operate VHF aeronautical radio equipment in Aeronuatical Radio Stations providing an AGCS at an aerodrome or other location in the UK. Contact us for more details >> HERE

Further Information

CAP 452 Aeronautical Radio Station Operator's Guide is both a guide and reference document for persons who operate or wish to operate Aeronautical Radio Stations. It covers AGCS, OCS and Operational Control Communications (OPC) (also known as Company Communications).

CAP 413 Radiotelephony Manual is the prime source of information on radiotelephony procedures and phraseology for all Air Traffic Services, AGCS, OCS and OPC. The radiotelephony phraseology previously included in CAP 452 has now been deleted and references made to CAP 413.

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